Are Clients Not Paying You Enough For Your Funnel Designs?

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Being a Funnel Designer’s Pretty Awesome. Right? 💸

One of my favorite things about being a funnel designer is that income is essentially uncapped.

The amount of money you make is directly dependent on two things:

  1. How much you charge for your work
  2. How quickly you finish a project

For example, at our agency we charge a $10k minimum for our funnel designs – and we finish these funnels in a couple DAYS

(Sometimes hours)

Now, one thing should be pretty obvious.

You can only charge that much for a funnel if your clients actually HAVE the money to spend!

(They’re out there – and there’s a LOT of them!)

In my experience, these types of clients are great to work with.

They pay you what you’re worth, and are patient and communicate during the process.

(Don’t even get me started on $2.5-5k clients – lots of revisions, lack of communication, and a self-serving sense of urgency.

The reason we’re able to get clients that pay us $10-15k for a single funnel is simply due to our superior visual design

(They usually look something like this)

(and they usually come through referral!)

One thing to realize with Successful Business Owners..

No matter who wants to deny it… (I’m guilty of this too!)

Ego ALWAYS plays a factor in decisions for the business.

(For example, my choice to spend an unnecessary amount of time making this website looking as pixel perfect as possible was an ego play – I didn’t need to spend that long! Lol)

But because my business is my ‘baby’ and a parent ALWAYS wants the BEST for their children, I committed

Just like parents want their kids to be as presentable as possible when introducing them to other parents,

Business owners want their BUSINESS (their baby) to look AS GOOD AS POSSIBLE (for their own ego, however big or small it may be) when customers, friends, and potential business partners come across it

They want to be able to show other friends and professionals just how amazing their page / funnel is (yes it’s a vanity play but we all do it) – just like you loved to show off that new pair of shoes you got the other day.

(Not to mention, you’ll be helping them to grow their business through better visual communication and selling to their customers)

Now, all this may seem painfully obvious.

No sh*t Neel, if my funnels looked like they were world-class designs built out by a team of professionals, sure, clients would pay me more.

So then my question to you is…

Why don’t your funnels look like they were built by a team of professionals?

Do you not know the right tools?

The right techniques?

The right strategies?

F*ck it, maybe you ARE charging $10k per funnel,

but it takes you a MONTH to finish it

In both cases, you’re not making as much money as you should.

And between you and me, you have the power to change that.

By becoming GREAT at your craft and creating funnels that BLOW PEOPLE’S MINDS, you’ll be able to completely change the type of clientele that come down your pipeline

You’ll be able to charge more money for your designs (while finishing them in a FRACTION of the time)

Bringing in more money for less work – for you, your family, & your freedom

(Hell, can’t even explain to you how much freedom I’ve created in my life by buckling down and becoming the best at what I do)


No more spending a month on a $2.5k project

No more nasty back & forth between the client

No more abyss of revisions from the client

and most of all, more money and control over your time.

Sounds like a sweet deal to me. 🥳


On that note.

If you are serious about learning the tools, techniques, and resources that I use to build out world-class funnels that
clients pay us a LOT of money for,

Checkout the Masterclass. 📣

Seeing what it’s about won’t hurt, right?

>> Click Here to Checkout the Masterclass Now <<

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