The Reason You’re Having Trouble Getting Funnel Design Clients

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Living the good life? 🌴

Being a funnel designer can be a pretty awesome lifestyle. (I can attest, I live it!)

You get the freedom to work wherever you want, whenever you want.

You get control over your life and it’s schedule, allowing you the freedom to give more time to your family & loved ones

(while making more money than most designers at Fortune 500 companies do)

That’s IF you have clients coming in through your pipeline.

When your pipeline’s empty, all those things:

Freedom to work wherever / whenever, control over your life and schedule, (not to mention money in your pocket) is gone

It feels like living paycheck to paycheck, even though the whole reason you got into this industry was to escape that destructive lifestyle

(Trust me, I know – I’ve been there)

When that happened, I ended up finding myself grinding for hours and hours, posting in the ClickFunnels Facebook Group and messaging people on Facebook with annoying things like

“Hi, do you need a funnel done?”

“I’m a funnel designer and can help you grow your business”

“…. pls hire me”

Almost every single time, I’d get no answer.

Have you been there?

Grinding for hours, only for a guy in India to offer you $100 for your work? (It sucks I know lmao)

Fast forward to modern day,

I have to turn down 3-4 clients a WEEK because our pipeline is TOO full

(and these aren’t small fish – these are $10-15k projects!)

After a longgggg period of trial error, I like to think that I’ve cracked the code (if not some kind of code) on what truly motivates clients to reach out to YOU and to pay YOU for your work (no cold selling involved)

So let’s talk solutions 👨‍🏫

There’s one simple thing that’s changed from back then to now..

My designs are a LOT better.

I invested lots of time and practice into perfecting my craft – so much so that I complete $10k funnels in hours

The way that’s done is simple: through VISUAL SELLING.

Yup, you heard that right.

VISUAL SELLING *ominous sound in background*

Visual Selling 👁

Visual selling is as simple as it sounds: Selling through your visual designs

When clients physically SEE the designs that we produce, it helps them envision in their head

“Damn, my business would look pretty awesome with a design like that!”

The reason this works so well is because this one little known secret…

ALL Successful Business Owners have atleast a LITTLE Ego.

It’s up to you to tap into and play off that ego to help you make the sale.

Think about it

If you had a successful business making you LOTS of money a year,

meaning you have $10k to hand over to someone for a service,

and your livelihood and sense of purpose, status, and respect comes through your business, wouldn’t you want it looking the best it can?

That way potential business partners, investors, customers, and family members know exactly what a great company this is from their FIRST IMPRESSION.

This^ is exactly what you can tap into to help get better clients that will pay you MORE money

(Not to mention the other business owner friends they’ll refer you to)

So.. how do these business owners exactly come across your designs? 👥

There’s a couple ways. For myself, a decent amount come through from business owners discovering my course / content organically and through paid ads.

When that happens, they end up seeing my designs (because I have them displayed on my course site – key!) and realize there’s no one better for the job

And when they’re business owners that make millions every year, they’re glad to pay the premium fee.

For YOU though, here’s a completely free method I used to use (and sometimes still do) to get my pipeline filled up 🙂

The post to the right (or above if you’re on mobile) I posted one morning in the ClickFunnels Group – as you can see it had 50 comments and 62 post engagements

And that is ALL ClickFunnels users (some of which already make millions a year and ended up hiring us out)

You can do the exact same. All you need is good looking designs, a way to portray them and get them in front of a potential client, and visual selling does the rest of the work.

Want to create Design Showcase Images like the one you see above easily on Canva?

The one shown below took me legit 2 minutes to design on canva….

Here’s another suggestion (and one I am currently building out for myself)

How about a simple Carousel Facebook Ad with each image / video slot being a preview of one of your funnel designs just like in the post I made?

That way you can show your designs on a bigger scale all at once directly in people’s Facebook Feeds and hopefully gain more clientel that way

(Since I’m hoping you’re charging atleast $3,000 for your funnels, your ad cost has a lot of wiggle room to close a client)

and of course, traditional methods of cold emailing and cold messaging will always work, but personally not too big a fan of that lol

The Formula to Filling your Pipeline with Great Clients that Pay You What You’re WORTH. 💸

The formula’s as simple as this.

Visually Beautiful & Enticing Design + High Value Business Owners Seeing Your Designs = Pipeline Full $$$$$

It’s as simple as that.

My life didn’t change till I got realllllly good at what I do.

& even now, I work EVERYDAY learning the best techniques and strategies I can employ to become a POWERHOUSE for my clients

and as I do that, my income keeps growing 🙂

(never would have though my life would be like this a couple years ago lol!)

If you’re serious about honing your skills, becoming a better designer, and getting MORE clients in through the door, you should checkout my Funnel Designer Masterclass

I teach you everything from A-Z that I do that sets me apart from every other ClickFunnels Designer in the space (& allows us to charge a hell of a lot more)

Start Building Better Funnels Today 🙂

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