The Top 3 Reasons your Retargeting Campaigns are Failing

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Retargeting is an amazing way for you to leverage potential customer who have already interacted with your page or content.

You get to tap into and leverage WARM customers who already know what your product is, what it does, and are usually MUCH easier to sell to…

In most cases.

Sometimes, your retargeting efforts can bear no fruit

& let me tell you from personal experience. It SUCKS.

Without wasting anymore time, let’s get straight into it.

1. You’re not targeting the right user at the right time

This can mean quite a few things.

Whats most important is to figure out what level of intent your users have at each stage in your ad sequence / funnel sequence

For example,

a visitor firing an Add to Cart is MUCH warmer than a visitor firing a View Content event 

(super obvious right?)


A lot of business owners simply run the same retargeting campaign to ALL their audiences (as well as email lists)

and that’s just flat out dumb. (sue me if I’m wrong)

The more intent a customer has to purchase your product, the more probable it is that they’ve gone further into your advertising funnel

A great method to ensure you’re giving the right users the right message at the right time is by…

Using audiences (page view events, add to cart events, etc) as CONDITIONS on whether or not someone sees a retargetting message or not

For example, if User A has…

✅ Read your article about ______
(should relate to product / service / customer buyer persona)

✅ Visited your product page

✅ Clicked Add to Cart

✅ Entered payment info

You know that this user has a LOT of intent to get your product.

They’ve read your content, checked out your product, clicked add to cart, and even put in their payment info – just never completed the purchase

These users have shows a LOT of intent towards buying your product, so it’s a great idea to start off with standard retargeting messages directing them back to the product / checkout page

and then if 5 days down the line they’ve been seeing the Facebook Ads and STIL haven’t purchased,

You can start showing them discounts! 

The change from standard messages to discount messaging is also done considering the stage the user is in during the buyer’s journey

This person has shown LOTS of intent, and after being asked to go back to the product page, their objection must either be


Shipping Cost

Trust in your brand

or something else that makes them doubt whether or not it’s worth paying you for your product / service

It’s up to you to map out and plan out exactly what you think USERS are thinking at certain steps in your advertising, and to then serve them pertinent ads accordingly.

Email me at neel@conversiondesigner.co if you have any questions about this – or look up different retargeting sequences people have done online


2. Your Retargeting Ads are Stale & Dry

One thing to keep in mind.

Just like you’re wanting to retarget all the potential customers who’ve shown interest in your product & service..

So do the other millions of advertisers in the world.

That means your potential customer’s Facebook and IG Feed is FILLED with retargeting ads every single day

On that note, there’s not much you can do to stand out from the masses…

Well other than maybe having kickass ads?

This may seem painfully obvious – but if you want your retargeting campaigns to do their job,

you need to first help them navigate through the endless sea of basic, annoying retargeting ads

Try to think of ways to make the ad interactive, fun, and make the colors POP

That way you can make sure that your retargeting ads are grabbing the attention of the user and pulling them back to your site

3. Your landing page has ‘eh’ design, and doesn’t convince anyone that you’re 100% trustable

When it comes to retargeting, you need to realize one thing.

Most of the time, the customer’s already sold (or atleast familiar) with your product/service if they’ve already interacted with your content enough to end up on your retargeting list.

Usually, they only have ONE reservation keeping them from buying from you.

They don’t know if they can trust your company / brand or not.

When is a page is extremely well designed, easy to use, and enticing, a potential customer can tell exactly how much work was put into making the greatest experience for the user

(When you’re in a store buying a product, the goal of a salesman is always to custom tailor the experience to you!)

You need to make the customer feel that you and your company HAVE put extreme time, lots of effort, and meticulous care into creating a back end infrastructure to your business that customers can trust and rely on 

90% of a customer’s judgement of your company comes from what they perceive you as.

The way they perceive you is by your landing page 

(how else would they know what your company’s like? They have nothing else to work with)

This is why it’s extremely crucial that when you’re running retargeting campaigns, you have invested the time, effort, and resources to make sure your landing page / funnel’s appearance is AS professional and trustable as possibe

Good design gives the impression to a customer that this business does indeed have the money to hire a team of good designers..

and those designers put in a LOT of hours to make said business’s page as professionally as possible

and then in their head a light goes off..

“Well they MUST be pretty trustable if they put all this work, time, and money into making this experience for me!”

Instead of a warning light going off in their head..

“Damn, this page sucks. Looks like a kid put this together in 10 minutes in his roon. Can I trust them with my card info?”

I’m sure you’ve gone through this

When a company (store front or online presence) is well designed and shows effort, care, and professionalism,

Wasn’t it WAYYY easier to pull out your card and make a buying decision?

And was your head not void of doubtful questions like 

“Not sure if this product will be worth it or not”

“Not sure if I can trust them with my card”

“Not sure if I’ll ever recieve my product or not tbh”

On the other hand, professional design makes potential customers have TROUBLE figuring out why they shouldn’t buy.

It’s up to YOU to instill trust in your customers and show them that you have the foundations to provide them the high quality product / service they’re looking for – and there’s no better way to do that than modern & professional design.

If you’re interesting in learning more about what exactly entails “professional design”, and learning techniques, tips, & tricks to make your business’s funnels look a HELL of a lot bettter,

Check out the masterclass: Funnel Designer

It won’t bite, I promise.



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